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I would love to give you tools and support for your journey!!!! This is a PRIVATE list that I will respect and never sell. Truth.

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Kelly Accetta

Kelly Accetta has been speaking, and training women for over 20 years on 5 different continents.  She is dedicated to helping women find their purpose and giving them the tools to achieve it!!!  Her training and life coaching has helped tens of thousands of women live life to the fullest.


What is a "Truth Coach"

I'm a really bad liar.  Have been my whole life.  I would love to tell you that it's because I'm hyper moral or super righteous but that's not the case.  I'm just a really bad  liar, except with one particular individual.  For some reason this one person always believed my lies, and if she happened to catch me in one (rare), she would usually fall for whatever line of garbage I gave her.  I wouldn't call her stupid, maybe gullible, maybe too trusting, maybe too lazy to actually get all the facts.  That person was me.  It wasn't until I was BRUTALLY honest with myself that I could start to use and understand the gifts God had given me.  That is what I hope to achieve for you.  To help you find your truth about finances, relationships, your physical well being, and so much more.  Stop living the life the media, friends, society, etc. has told you to live and start living in your TRUTH!!!


Are you ready???

Looking in the mirror and asking hard questions is difficult.  Working directly with me will be revelatory but tough!  You don't hire a personal trainer to go easy on you, you hire them to help you get RESULTS!!!  Therefore, until you're ready to dive in, I have lots of tools to share with you via email.  Get to know me, get comfortable and then lets take action.

For those of you who are ready to dive in NOW, contact me immediately and lets get to work on building the life of your dreams!

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